GETTING THERE    |   Not so close, and then again not so far! 

IMPORTANT: Please Do Not rely on Google Maps other than in small segments. It'll take you the shortest route maybe, but on bad roads & will take a lot longer.

Follow the directions below.

(Once you make it to Andretta chowk please call Arju, on 78072 27550 for final directions to the property).




From outside India - get a flight to New Delhi or Amritsar.

From Delhi -

1. Take over-night sleeper train to Pathankot OR  flight to Dharamsala Gaggal Kangra Airport OR overnight Bus from Delhi to Palampur or Dharamsala.

2. From Pathankot or Kangra, get onto Hwy 20,  direction Palampur.

If driving from Chandigarh direction, drive through Una, turn right at Amb (next town) & go through Pragpur to pick up the Chintpurni-Kangra road. Head towards Kangra & just before reaching, take the Kangra by-pass to avoid Kangra town. You'll come out onto Hwy 20. Turn rt, direction Palampur.

If driving from Delhi, take the G.T. Road to Hoshiapur, then head for Mubarakpur & Chintpurni to pick up the road to Kangra.

3. Just prior to reaching Palampur, ( 4kms prior ),  there's a turn-off to the right indicating Sobah Singh Marg, Andretta ( in Hindi, so ask driver to be on the look-out ). It's known as the Palampur By-Pass. At the next chowk, turn right, towards Panch Rukhi.
    Take this road, for approx 10kms,  which  passes through Panch Rukhi ( there's a station on the Kangra Valley narrow-guage railway line there).

Cross the railway line and continue straight through town. Don't turn right, go straight...............

4. Continue 3 kms to Andretta Chowk. The Sobah Singh Art Gallery is there on the left side of the road. Turn right at the chowk, opposite the gallery, following the sign-post for Andretta Pottery. 1 km further on & 100m. past the "Norah Richards University of Punjab" sign, & you have arrived!  Call Arju for final directions & help with baggage etc.

 5. Walk up the path towards the hillside about 70 metres to The Mirage.

From Amritsar,  take a taxi directly to Andretta, or a bus to Kangra ( on Hwy 20 ), and follow the directions above.