CUSTOMERS SPEAK    |   Bouquets and Brickbats from the horse's mouth..................                                      

Some of our guests have left these comments in our visitor's book.

*I was taken by my great friend Anastasia to The Mirage for the weekend, I didn't leave for a week.
Perhaps it was the extraordinary peace allowing for heavenly siestas.
The delicous food eaten with interesting travellers at the large dining table, surrounded by artefacts.
The dawn jungle walks with Denis 's fascinating local knowledge and meeting his mates from the local Gadi tribe,
Drinking afternoon chai on the verandah with snow capped Himalayan peaks slung across the view.
The fact the only things to do were throw a pot, paddle in the river or relax on your private balcony again and listen to the soundscape of the jungle.
Sitting up late at night, exchanging ridiculous adventure stories.
My daughter going shopping with charming Navjot to bake the cake for pudding and picking mulberries and making excellent jam.
Staying in the cool and beautiful Whitehouse, lovingly rebuilt by hand with mudbricks, all curved walls and impeccably decorated by art director ( of Jackson's Thriller) Denis.
My huband and three children immediately felt completely at home at The Mirage. The family feel of eating all together and the friendliness of Denis and Navjot meant my husband and I could hole up on our balcony with some of Denis's art books and the children ran around the garden with the dogs, having fun, watching the monitor lizard.
After 26 years of travelling that beautiful, chaotic sub continent I finally found a deeply peaceful home from home. Jane Kemlo. U.K. 5/16


*Lovely restful welcoming spot! Wonderful hospitality & spectacular scenery! Thank you! Susan Strickler. U.S.A. 12/13

*What a wonderful time we have had, mountains, pottery, and great hospitality. Moira. U.K. 12/13

*Brilliant place and great people. Thank you. Helena Greene, Cambridge, U.K. 12/13

*Wonderful to stay here in this magic "The Mirage". Denis has done a fantastic job in restoring this Indian farm house to a wonderful homestay. It will not be my last visit. Until we meet again. Sue Gosling-Smith. Australia. 12/13

*We unfortunately did not stay, but had the pleasure of lunch & dinner here. Both were very enjoyable but the evening meal was particularly fine. The tomato soup & custard were amazing. we will recommend you. Sophie Jay, U.K., Tenzin Desal, Ladakh, Mathew Singh Toor, U.K. 11/13

*Truly a magical experience & one I would recommend to anyone who values great service, excellent food & good company. One of a kind & definitely not to be missed when visiting India. 11/13

*A real treat! Thank you! I'm already looking forward to next time! Rachel Bomford, Forest of Dean, U.K. 11/13

*Mirage was a very real experience of peace and beauty. So rugged & yet homely...an absolute delight. And Denis and the guests such wonderful people. Look forward to coming back...Abhi, Ekta, Kabis. 11/13

*Lovely how child friendly you are! Love your vibe - peace, joy & wonder. Maya, Lila & Rahul. 10/13

*Thanks & hope to be back in Andretta soon. Vineet & Suneetha, N. Delhi. 10/13

*Denis, really appreciate the way you have maintained Mirage. Everything here is very tastefully done. Thanks for making our stay very comfortable with delicious food. Bharat. 10/13

 *Another nice stay, thanks! Highlights - visit to local wedding, walk up to Temple on hill (to the right of Mirage), trip on toy train to Palampur. Mike Gutteridge, Cambridge, U.K. 10/13

*We were magically led to Mirage & I couldn't believe the beauty/energies of the place till we saw it...Thank you Denis for creating such a sanctuary. Every bit is so thoughtful - the decor, fittings, the seating space, the books....the lush greenery..This is just the beginning & we will be back at the earliest...You made Deepak's birthday so special...In gratitude. Love & light. Lakshmi & Deepak Bhatia, N. Delhi. 9/13

*In the middle of nature among trees, in the foothills of the mountains. Hotel Mirage is a wonderful place to stay & enjoy nature, silence, good hospitality & great home cooked food. We had a wonderful time here. Thanks! Mira Sudeh, Israel. 9/13

*Wonderful home, great hideout from the bustling India. A heaven for a family with small kids - Wonderful hosts & gardens. G. Rosner, Israel. 8/13

*Great place! Amazing views, & good food, enjoy! Ayalla Saar, Tel Aviv. 8/13

*Very comfortable stay & great service, but the meals are slightly expensive. Overall a great stay. Thank you! Vishish Valia. 7/13

*Beautiful & cosy! What a wonderful place this is. Truly a home away from home. Early morning sound of birds, view of the mountains & endless walks in the woods...will miss it all. The affable & courteous staff made our stay even more memorable. Thanks a ton. Sangeeta Sukthankas. 7/13

 *It was a wonderful stay! Very nice people! Good food! Meghhaa, Nair, Aundh. Pune. 6/13

*Excellent cosy environment. Good food! Nice hospitality. Sumit & Sanjeeta Arora. Gurgaon. 6/13

*Beautiful place - the house, furnishings, food - green. A great homestay. Simmi Waraich, Chandigarh. 6/13

*Loved the stay. Wish we had more days. Beautiful gardens with camelias, Zinnias & hydrangers & lychees on the trees. So peaceful & green. Service & amenities outstanding. Thank you. Nitu Hans, San Ramon, California. 6/13

*What a wonderful place full of oils & a warm hospitality. We really enjoyed it!!! Beautiful house!! The staff took great care of us. Thank you, was a really wonderful stay. Brigitte & Rudolf Wagner, Vienna, Austria. 6/13

*What a wonderful hideaway in the mountains! Waking up to the sound of birds, the gentle pitter-patter of rain, and soaking in the smells of the green around & the lovely homemade food made so lovingly, was just what we needed. Thank you :) Kavita & Ankita, Gurgaon. 6/13

*Well! Well! Well! - this place turned out to be better than expected. Wonderful views, open spaces, comfortable room,great conversations..way to go Denis!!! Sanjay Vasudeva, Delhi. 5/13

*Have had the time of our lives in your company. Denis you are a fabulous host & a great conversationalist. Thanks for your warm hospitality. Looking forward to our next trip. Adesh Katyayan. 5/13

*Such a great house!! So unique, so clean, so nice & such nice & welcoming hosts. Gedon, Israel. 5/13

*A perfect vacation spot. Thank you for all your hospitality and the delicious food. It was way better than expected....thinking about making it our permanent vacation spot.  The only negative thing about this place is that you never want to leave from here...Perfect...will be back soon!! Anurag Singh. 5/13

*When Sowmya suggested this holiday, I was hoping it could be good. But, oh boy, it turned outto be much much better! We had a great time, thanks to Denis & the other guests here at The Mirage. Thank you so much & hope to be back soon.  Sowmya & Kumaraguru. Chandigarh. 5/13

*Thank you Denis for the beautiful walks, food music & conversations! Rucha Pathak. Mumbai. 5/13

*I can barely remember the past, can't imagine the future. I am so captivated by The Mirage! I hope to visit again. Lots of love to Denis & family. Anuradha Sengupta. 5/13

*When Sowmya suggested this holiday, I was hoping it would be good. But, oh boy, it turned out to be much better! We had a great time, thanks to Denis & the other guests at The Mirage. Thank you so much! Hope to be back soon. Kumara Guru & Sowmya. Chandigarh. 4/13

*We had a beautiful stay in a "homestay" where we were appreciated for what we were & allowed to be ourselves. Thank you Denis for the wonderful day you gave us yesterday & the memories it will always evoke!! Vinita & Ayesha Gardiner. New Delhi. 4/13

*This place is called The Mirage because you can't believe your eyes. The madness of Delhi & the exertion of a trek are forgotten in the peace of the setting. Such a beautiful place. Ruth, Steve & Charlotte O'Brien. Penrith, U.K. 4/13

*Not sure how you will get rid of us when its time to leave tomorrow...You have made us feel very much at home at The Mirage...great walk with Jules & Yogi & assorted monkeys. Heart felt thanks for allowing us to stay in your homestay. Wendy & Bridget. U.K. 4/13

*Such warmth, love & care, these days, are rare. Above the Kangra Valley amidst Langurs & potters...the Bedi meditation house, immersed in the orchestra of the choicest aviary, guarded by Yogi, & looked after by wonderful staff. Jon Jerstad, Oslo, Norway. 4/13

* From the Myna bird that came to sing to the home-made bread to the deep fried trout, our stay was one long sensory blast. Deep thanks to all (but most especially Jules) for proper hospitality. Francis Elliot & family. 4/13

*It was just a wonderful stay, the authenticity, the hospitality - great to have met you all. We will be back. Celine & Agnes Voss. New Delhi. 3/13

*Beautiful peaceful idylic surroundings. The rooms are better than the web-site pics suggest. Denis & his family & their dog Yogi, are wonderful people to spend a weekend with. You will NOT regret it....Charu Kasturi.  3/13

*Peace, tasteful interiors & a very homely feel. A true homestay in beautiful surroundings. Very well taken care of by the staff...& the wonderful hospitality of Denis including a 6 course French dinner cooked at home. Merci.  Argha Sen, Hong Kong. 3/13

*We had an amazing stay at The Mirage, Andretta. We were 7 adults, 7 kids & 6 different nationalities! The staff made everything possible for us. We really felt at home & will come back for sure. Thanks so much & a Happy 2013 to Denis & family. The Gosh & Ishoy families. Xmas & New Year 12/12 - 1/13

*Warm warm stay in wintery Andretta. You made us feel at home. Fab service. We will recommend this home stay. Thank you very much! S. & C. Jacob. 12/12

*Fantastic home & very good hospitality. We will come back again & again. Guests are treated with love & care. Manoj & Sonal. 9/12

*Nice to be back & looked after by the staff like one's own family. Mike Gutteridge, U.K. 9/12

*A well done home stay, good ambience & a serene location.... Chitra & Annapurni. 9/12

*Thank you for the lovely stay with the lovliest mountain views. We hope this place will remain as it is. Atisha Mathur & Padma Fielitz. 8/12

*I always wanted my Honeymoon to be very special. It couldn't have been better.....thanks to The Mirage....

experiences that I'm taking back to cherish forever. Thanks for the wonderful food. We'll come again!  Ranadeep & Dalia Mukherjee. 8/12

*A peace of heaven...haven't been this relaxed for a long time! Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality!   Ingrid Kneller, UK. 7/12

*A lovely place, so peaceful & beautiful. Thank you for welcoming us into your home.

Sian Boyal, Australia. 7/12

*Thank you for the beauty, the peace & the kind hospitality....a real oasis & memory to treasure.

Asta Bowen, Somers, Montana. 22/7/12

*We have only been here for a day, but this is a place for a year, maybe for a lifetime.

Lisa & Rainer Schmidt, Austria. 14/7/12

*We had a lovely stay. The place is very beautiful & the staff made it extremely comfortable....

Rahul Datta & Sonal Singh. 2/7/12