The White House

The White House.

White House at Night

"Today, I wiped off the house-number on my door, erased the name of my street and wherever I found signs giving people directions, I rubbed them clean. But if you still somehow mean to find me, knock on every door, in every street, of every city and country - keep guessing, this is a curse, this is a blessing - roam, and wherever you'll find a free spirit, know, that is my home."--Amrita Pritam


The White House belonged to the late Malti Chandhiok, a very close friend of Norah Richards, and was built in 1956 of a mix of mud & bricks. Since it became part of The Mirage, it's had a major renovation, while all the time maintaining it's original charm.

The mud walls give the rooms a wonderfully cosy feel and the new en-suite bathrooms ensure a high standard of hygiene.

There are 4 double bed rooms, 4 bathrooms, a reading room, a living room & a dining room plus a kitchen equipped for morning tea, coffee & hot chocolate. All meals are served in the main house.